"I had a great workout session with Lily. It was a full body workout -- arms, legs, back, core - everything! I like the way she mixed up the activities to keep it interesting. She also mixed in some paired activities, so there was a little interaction in the group. The workout is definitely challenging, but she has such a positive attitude that it gets you through. Can't wait for my next session!

Bethel C.

“We had a fun workout. She’s very motivating, pushing us through to do one last rep and do the extra mile to get a good workout”
Udoka O.

“If you haven’t worked out with Lilian yet you’re missing out! Lily will definitely challenge you! She has helped me with my own personalized nutrition and weight training plan, and I definitely see results! I definitely would recommend her”

Fey O.   

"Shopping with Lilian was awesome! She right away was able to catch my style. She found several outfits for me that I wear on a regular basis and no one can believe I got then from a thrift store! Not even I could believe that some of my best outfits could come from a thrift store before working with Lily. She is affordable fashion, no joke -- just style!"      --- Udoka O

"Lilian taught me the first basic rule of shopping: certain pieces that look 'average' on the rack can be made to look beautiful with a little creativity. With a little lovin' and attention, the simplest bargain pieces can get you all the compliments in the world! Thank Lily!"     --- Crystal B

"Just want to say thanks to Lily for all of her help in getting me interview-ready! She helped me pick out some really great clothes that made me feel great and didn't break the bank.
Thanks a ton!"    --- Sarah M

"Not only is Lilian super fashionable, but she can always find you the cutest clothing for the best prices! Normally, I would spend $100 plus on outfits, but ever since I met Lilian I have been able to cut that price down to around $25 and look even cuter than I did before!"     --- Uzo U

"Affordable shopping requires patience as you fiddle through racks of clothing, especially at stores like Ross. Shopping with Lily is mind blowing as she has the patience, the skill and the eye to find beautiful pieces that fit my style admist the chaos. Sometimes even designer pieces "     --- Larissa I 

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