Femininity & Strength


I once had a ballet teacher tell me my look was too "hard" and not graceful enough to dance ballet. It hurt a little bit, but it made me think. "Strength doesn't equal graceful. Got it." You see, that thought stuck with me for a while until about 3 years ago when I re-launched Dresses & Dumbbells. Today, I just want to remind you about balance. 

You see, this brand is founded on the delicate balance between femininity and strength. Beauty and brawn. As women, we CAN have both and not feel like we need to choose one or the other. That was a hard lesson for me to learn. But hey, sometimes I trade my dumbbells for a dress and look damn good while doing it! 

When ever you start strength training or you start seeing more definition in your muscles don't shy away! Don't think, "Oh dear I'm going to start looking like a man. This is it. I'm bound to grow a beard next." No, girl! Embrace some muscle definition. It means you're strength training is working! You're getting stronger, feeling more powerful and it's showing! 

So be the queen  you've been called to be! Find and embrace that balance wherever you are between femininity and strength. 

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