Sunday Funday: Shift Dresses & Sushi


Sushi has become one of my favorite foods. I can't tell if my palette is changing or weird things just start happening when you reach your late 20s! Either way I'm not complaining. Spent Sunday Funday with an old friend at Blue Sake Sushi in Dallas. Affordable and tasty happy hour food specials. 

I enjoyed the Dragon Roll, a tangy, tasty, eel based roll. Ssshhh! It's a secret item not listed on the menu so you're welcome for the hook up! Here's the simple look I threw together. Simple, stylish, slayed. 

Let's keep it real, I love a good hat like the next girl, but when you can't be bothered with the edge control...hat day it is! Keeping colors simple and neutral with warm browns and cool denim blues. 

Decided on a collared shift dress to add an element of prep. The dress can be warn as is, I belted it to create some shape and dimension in the hip area. Also, always good to match belt and shoe color as best you can to create a unified look from hip to toe. 

Lastly, finished up with a neutral beige crossbody bag. I picked up this Kate Spade for the spring and have enjoyed this little number. It's more spacious than it appears and can hold quite a lot.

Finished the look off with gold accessories to keep things in a warm tone. This look can easily be transitioned from summer to fall by pairing with a green army jacket or adding tan over the knee boots and a long cardigan. Thanks for reading! Please, comment below with how you do Sunday Funday!

The Look:
Hat | Thrifted 
Shift Dress | Burlington Coat Factory | $10
Bar Necklace | H&M | $3
Long Necklace | Forever 21 | $7
Bar Earrings | Kenneth Cole | Gifted 
Watch | Target | $20
Tan Skinny Belt | Urban Outfitters | $5
Beige Crossbody Bag | Kate Spade | $100
Sandals | Vince Camuto | $100

Photo Cred: CM

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