Travel Dairy: Mexico City, Mexico


Welcome! Mexico was a blast. Just want to share  some highlights from my trip with you all. 

My first day in Mexico was my friends birthday! Felicidates! We celebrated at the Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico in Zocalo right in the city square. We had a wonderful and tasty dinner and took in the sights as the city prepared for Dia de Independencia aka Mexican 4th of July! 

Mexico is chilly even in mid September. So in typical Liy fashion I went shopping at Bershka my first day there, picked up a sweater and some tops. Bershka is like H&M and Zara having a baby...kind of wish we had one in the states. 

Spend another day eating, as I did most days there, at a wonderful restaurant build into the side of a rock called La Gruta.  The restaurant has beautiful bright colored seats surrounded by the contrasting rock around you. Love the service and these drinks (non-alcoholic of course)! Agua de tuna, juice drinks from the cactus pear fruits. Delicioso! 

And yes those are worms or Maguey a Mexican delicacy. Not bad! Just crunchy and lucky for me empty inside. 

Visited the Basilica de Santa Maria de Guadelupe. A beautiful church with great history and importance. If you know a tad about Mexican Christian culture this is where Juan Diego had an apparition of the Virgin Mary and the picture above is the imprint that was left on his shirt as the legend has it. 

Also climbed the Aztec pyramids at Teotihuacan.  Had a blast climbing these steep pyramids and being sold fun hand made crafts along the way. Loved the exercise and history. 

Also, Mexico loves there Coke! A whole aisle and a half dedicated to a Dietitian this was concerning, but good to know the country is aware and thus makes Mole (Spicy chocolate based savory sauce) for diabetics though! 

Had such a great time! Te extrano Mexico. I will be back to this beautiful country! 

Have you been to Mexico? Please, leave any comments below on must-see places so I can plan my next trip there. 

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