Summer Style: Color Block


Color blocking puts a fun twist on basic matching when creating outfits. There is a science to color blocking and that's use of the color wheel. Pairing complementary, colors opposite each other, or analogous colors, colors close together, creates all the difference visually. Here's a good site to help get you all caught up on the color wheel and such. 

In this look I went for analogous colors, which are 3 or so colors close together. This creates a harmonious look that's not only pleasant to the eye but fun! I love the color green and incorporated most of my kelly green pieces -- the cropped high waisted pant, the laser cut out clutch and the ankle strap heels. 

I went with a cow like neck for this cobalt blue blouse. The draped relaxed top pairs well with the fitted structured bottom. I accessorized with gold as found in the clutch hardware, watch and bangle. I then finished the look with a navy blue blazer to add yet another colorful pop.  

This look is a sophisticated color blocking look perfect for spring time at the office, or a toned down similar version could be worn at a family picnic with green shorts, blue tank, you catch my drift. Looking for more inspiration? Check out some color block pairings from Refinery 29.  Click here for a similar look with a bold blue and muted green. 

How would you rock color block this summer? Leave a comment below

The Look 

Navy Blue Blazer (H&M | $10)
Cobalt Blue Sleeveless Blouse (Mom's Closet)
Kelly Green High Waisted Pants (Fades Paredes | $6)
Watch (Target | $20)
Gold Bangle (Forever 21 | $6)
Kelly Green Laser Cutout Clutch (Sam Moon | $12)
Kelly Green Ankle Strap Heel (Anne Michelle | $15)

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