How To: Wear Stripes


Hello my dears! Stripes can make you look wide, elongating your figure in non flattering ways, but that doesn't have to be the case. Here's how I wear stripes for a comfortable and chic look. Perfect way to end my LA trip and head back on the plane in style. 

LA palm trees. Take me back. 

 For plane rides I like to keep things comfortable yet chic. For this look, I am actually wearing a thrifted striped dress from the brand Lush. Keep it in a classic black and white. It's a tad too short for my liking, so I often wear it as a shirt. It's long sleeved so great for those semi-chilly days. 

I paired my stripes with a pair of Levi black skinny jeans. By matching the color of my pants, I've helps instantly unify the look. For some added warmth and to create shape I added my fleece lined grey draped sweater from Ross. I absolutely love this piece, and would wear it year round if I could. But seriously though. I think even Oliva Pope would approve of this sweater.

To unify the gray and black colors in the look, I wore grey long socks to match my sweater and my Aldo black back to match my jeans. I added my brown combat boots for comfort and also to go along with the muted color scheme. 

And that's how I wear stripes. I often pair something in the outfit to match the color of the stripes, and I find ways to make the lines fit my shape...or I add clothing and/or accessories to create shape to the look thus narrowing the figure. Looking for stripe inspiration? Check out this page. 

How do you wear stripes?

The Look 
Grey Draped Sweater (Ross | AnM Brand | $25)
Striped Dress (Thrifted | Lush | $4)
Black Levi Skinny Jeans (Ross | $11)
Grey Socks (Dollar Store | $1)
Brown Combat Boots (Boutique | Breckelle's | $20)
Black Tote Bag (Aldos | $54)

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