Beat The Heat: Head Scarf 101


Hello my loves! This rain, or should I say flooding, here in Texas is no joke. No matter where you are or how long your hair is, beat the heat this summer. Keep reading (or scroll to the bottom!) and enjoy these creative, bold, and fun ways to keep your locs out of your way! 

Today, I decided to rock this headscarf in a funky top bun. This is African Ankara fabric. Comes in a variety of patterns and styles. Definitely adds a pop of culture and color to any look. Don't have any Ankara around? No worries! Head over to your local thrift store, your mom/grandmothers closet, or even a craft store and pick up some fun material for your personalized head scarf. 

I just twisted my scarf and tucked in the loose ends to create this look. Couldn't tell you how I did, but I've put together some cool head scarf and bandana tutorials/ posts for y'all to check out. Let me know what styles you try out! 

1. LoveYourTresses Channel.
2. FabFashionFix.
3. EstareLive Channel.
4. Dotin' On You.
5. Pretty Designs.

Check them out! Try them out! 

Be sure to give me feedback and be courteous, share! 

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