How To: Wear The Green Jacket



Hello loves! The green jacket is slowly becoming a wardrobe must have especially for the spring. I recently took a trip to Los Angeles and couldn't leave without my green army jacket; check out how I styled it!

Tip #1: Find The Right Variety & Style

Decide if you want an army green light jacket or an army green winter coat The lighter version is perfect for the fall, spring and summer months. Can be thrown over a tank or crop top and adds helps complete any outfit, 

Winter varieties often come with a hood (hopefully fur trimmed!) and are well lined for a chilly winter. These are a wonderful casual coat that keeps you cool, while looking! 

Tip #2: Decide What Look You're Going For

An army green jacket adds some casual hipster-ish flare to any outfit.  For this look I keep things casual with a plain white razor back tank and some dark denim skinny jeans. I paired this with the army green jacket and accessorized with a black infinity scarf and black tote bag. To finish the look, I choose some blush colored flats to keep things feminine and chic. 

For more of a hipster look, switch out the flats for some black combat boots and a graphic tee and/or a plaid shirt around the waist.  For more of a feminine look, pair the jacket with a skater skirt or dress and add some cute flats or sandals. 

Tip #3: Decide On Fit, Accents, Shade. 

The perfect army green jacket should be a comfortable fit -- not too loose, not too tight. This is perfect for layering and creating a certain look. 

Decide if you want a hood, lots of pockets, and draw strings to adjust the fit. These accents give the jacket some personality and flare. 

Lastly, decide on the right shade for you. There are camouflage and faded green jackets. Choose one that best suits your style! 

How do you wear your army green jacket? 

The Look 
Army Green Jacket (Old Navy | Thrifted | $3.50)
White Tank (Gap Body | $5)
Dark Skinny Jeans (H&M | $10)
Suede Blush Ballet Flats (H&M | $7)
Watch (Target | $20) 
Infinity Scarf (Urban Outfitters | $10) 
Black Tote (Aldo's | $45) 

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