Best Pre Workout Foods


You wouldn't go on a road trip without gas, the same goes for a workout. Fueling your body with the best kinds of foods pre workout provides the body with energy to attack a tough workout from start to finish, while the best post workout foods aid in faster recovery. So before Heather dashes of to Crossfit and Jake to his Acro Yoga class -- grab a snack and fuel your fitness folks! Want to learn some great pre workout foods? Keep reading and find out. 

What Foods Should I Eat Before A Workout? 

Foods with carbohydrate and a hint of protein will keep you nourished through any workout from spinning to weight lifting. Whole grain carbohydrates have fiber which provide long lasting energy, while protein helps you stay full enough to finish the work out.

 Give these foods a try :
  •  Peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat bread
  • Whole wheat crackers and cheese
  • Yogurt (Greek or Regular)
  • Oatmeal and fresh fruit
  • Apple and Turkey slices 

The peanut butter and whole wheat toast combination is a great pairing of fiber and protein. The whole wheat bread is a complex carb that takes longer to break down than white bread for instance, giving you long lasting energy. The peanut butter is a good source of protein with just a hint of healthy fats to sustain your workout from start to finish. Same goes for the oatmeal, these foods will also help keep your blood sugar from dropping.

Dairy options like greek yogurt, provide a great source of calcium and whey. Calcium aids in muscle contractions, while whey protein is a bioavailable animal protein that readily absorbed by the body. Dairy is easy on the stomach for most and loaded with vitamins and minerals making dairy a great pre workout option.

Lastly, the fresh fruit and lean deli meat combination will keep you stocked up on vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and a boost of energy with the lean meat protein.  Eat these foods anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours before a workout. As you  get closer to your workout, opt for foods that will be be quickly absorbed providing your body with fast energy and time for digestion. In such cases choosing the yogurt over the whole wheat sandwich, for example, serves as a great option. 

What foods do you eat pre workout? 

Leave a comment below with your response or if you'd like to see another post on post workout foods. 

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