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This cold weather is truly cramping my style! I wanted to re-create this look and make it winter weather appropriate...and figured I'd look to you. Yes you! I have a few ideas, but I'd love to hear from you. Layering with a sweater and letting the blue collar peep through is an option, or swapping the flats for heeled booties or even a flat riding book would work here as well.  The top half of this look screams preppy, with the pearls, khaki, and blue button down. The look is clean and warm, in contrast to the black and hey, a little prep never hurt no body! The black lower half of the look is sleek and fitted.  The look is simple allowing for embellishments and accessories to jazz it up for the winter. How would you style this look for the winter? Let me know in the comments below. 

Also just TWO more days till my YouTube channel debut. Get excited! 

The Look 
Blue Oversized Long Sleeve Shirt (Abercrombie | Thrifted | $6)
Khaki Blazer (Forever 21 | )
Watch (Target | $20)
Black Skinnies (Levi's | Ross | $11)
Black Cutout Flats (Sam & Libby | Target |$20)

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