What I Wore: Music Festival Edition


Welcome! If you haven't made it to ACL. You're missing out. Phenomenal live concerts, good eats, and fabulous music festival fashion. 

I was fortunate to attend ACL (Austin City Limits) Music Festival in Austin for the second time in a row. And if you haven't been or haven't heard of it you're a little late to the party, but there's always next year! ACL is packed with amazing live artists, but most importantly fabulous music festival fashion. I went this year with my best friend and we had the time of our lives.

Music festivals are notorious breeding grounds for young wanna-be hippies. ACL is no exception. When I was deciding on a look I had three considerations to keep in mind: 
1. Weather - as it seems to rain every ACL

2. Simplicity 

3, Accessories 

This look is as simple as it comes: black crop top, denim cutoffs, and combat boots. So what makes this look stand out? Crop tops were all the rage this summer and can be used as a transition piece into the fall until the weather cools down. Why does it work for this look? Because they're still recent and relevant. This crop top is a decent length, simple design and gives of an effortless feel.

Denim cutoff shorts are a staple item. Worn alone with freshly shaved legs in the summer or nestled under textured tights in the fall, denim cutoffs are a staple and can be seen hugging the hips of numerous young women all weekend long. Why does it work for this look? Highwasted shorts shrink the torso and when paired nicely with a crop top show just a sliver of skin that shows off what you got, while still leaving something for the imagination.

I accessorized with three main items: gold leaf earrings, a gold body chain and a Stetson hat. The hat was a must. Stetson brand hats are a western staple and when I spotted this had at my local thrift store for $6 I knew it was a steal. Find similar (here) retailing at $210. 
I wanted to unify the brown in both the hat and combat boots and thought the hat was perfect for a music festival. 

I wanted to use gold as a central color to create some warmth. I wore these gold leaf earrings, gold body chain from Ebay and gold watch to do so. The gold gently complemented my skin and was a great addition to the look.

That's all folks! Stay tuned for some phenomenal photos showcasing the stylish women of ACL. I was able to capture some well crafted outfits and can't wait to share some of them with you. If you are featured (you know who you are!) please follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you won't miss out on your feature and as always be sure to share with friends! See you all in the next post. As always...

Stetson Hat (Thrifted | $6)
Denim Cutoffs (DIY | Thrifted | $8) 
Black Tank Crop Top (Forever 21 | $1.80)
Gold Body Chain (Ebay | $3)
Watch (Target | $20)
Brown Combat Boots (Breckelle's | $20)

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