LookBook: ACL '14 Music Festival Edition


ACL (Austin City Limits) Music Festival: concerts, rain, and fashionistas.  

ACL draws in thousands of fans every year. The concerts are phenomenal, you may have to deal with a few rainy days, but that doesn't keep the fashionistas from strutting their stuff. I was able to catch some phenomenal performances as well as scout out a few fashionistas.  As promised I wanted to showcase a variety of well crafted looks from this years ACL. I noticed quite a few trends this year, lots of head gear (hats, bandannas, floral headbands, etc), combat boots, fringes, highwaisted shorts, you name it. Check out some looks; what your favorite trend?

Look #1

Can't decide if it's the hat or the leather jacket that makes this look, but either way this girl festival ready. Hailing from Mexico, this dama has mastered how to assemble neutral colors in a way that hugs her frame perfectly. 

Look #2 

Floral is by far a definite trend this festival season. These girls embraced the floral trend in their own way in the blouses and headpieces shown below.  They wore those floral headbands like beautiful crowns, gently gracing their hair. 

Look #3

From large floral headbands, to smaller ones. The floral headband in this look is delicate and adds a subtle unexpected femininity to the look. The casual Ked like sneakers make the look fun, and the bold cyan blue skater shirt adds a dash of flirty fun. Also check out that detail in the neckline of the crop top...yes! 

Look #4

Check out the fancy footwear on this girl! Boots are a clever pairing with ACL outfits as it tends to rain at some point over the festivals three day course. The hunter green is a fine choice, as it complements not only the plaid shirt, but her gorgeous skin tone. Paired with simple light wash shorts and a white tied tee with a plunging neckline, this look is effortless style. 

 Look #5

Here we are with that floral trend once again, but with a refreshing twist: the kimono. The look is simple with a basic white tee , light wash denim shorts, and boots, but the look is transformed with the addition of some color, the floral, and the fringe. Also from Mexico this girl nailed her ACL look! 

Have a favorite look? Would have styled something differently? Let me know and leave a comment below. Want to see more? Part II coming up soon. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Photos will up on social media for your viewing pleasure. As always...

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  1. LOVE THE FIRST LOOK! jajajaj Heyy Lilyy!! It was awesome meeting you!! Thankyou so much for the photoss!! Best of luckk.. BTW loooooove the blog, I'll be checking in when I don't know what to wear!

  2. Daniela!! Glad you enjoyed the photos. Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your style. It was a pleasure meeting you and tu novio! Lol. Thank you for checking me out. Check in whenever, share with friends, hopefully our paths will cross again!


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