Affordable DIY Shorts For Fall


Welcome! Don't put away those denim shorts just yet. Transition this summer staple into the fall. Here's an affordable DIY to get you started. 

Pictured below are a few of my favorite DIY denim shorts. Part of being a fashionista on a budget is making trends and fashionable items you like, fit into your budget. I'm going to show you how I transform a pair of thrift store mom jeans into a head turning pair of high waisted shorts. Let's get to it! 


Here's what you'll need: 
  • A pair of high waisted mom jeans 
  • Scissors 
  • A straight edge 
  • Chalk/Marker  
  • Razor/Sharp edge

Step #1 

First, you'll  need a pair of jeans you're ready to transform. I picked these black jeans at my local thrift store for $6. How to spot soon-to-be high waisted shorts? Look for a long front zipper and straight leg bottoms. These are dead giveaways for me...or simply trying them on helps too. 

Step #2

Next it's time to cut. If you already have a pair of  high waisted shorts they can serve as a perfect template to recreating a new pair. Simply place the template shorts on top of the new jeans and use as a frame work for the length and cutting style you want.  

If you do not have a template, don't fret. First, try on the jeans and decide on an appropriate length. This will vary depending on the look you're going for. 

With the chalk or marker in hand, create a visible mark about 1 in below where you actually want the shorts to fall. I do this because once you've cut material off, you can't sew it back. This also helps account for any fraying or distressing you want done without compromising your desired length.   

Step #3

Remove the pants. Then use that mark, to make a slanted line starting from the outside hem, slanting inward as you progress toward the crotch. This will create just a hint of thigh cleavage and shape to the shorts unlike a straight line cut.  

Once you've cut off one leg fold the jeans in half and use the cut side as a template to cut the other side. 

Step #4

Next, try on the jeans. The extra 1 in is wiggle room to then fray and distress as desired with the razor or sharp edge. You can simply cut and wear as shown below or...

To fray the ends and create that fluffy distressed look simply run the shorts through the wash and dryer. With an iron, simply press down on the fold for a crisp, clean, straight edge. And there you have it! Affordable DIY shorts. Instead of paying upwards of $25 or so on high waisted shorts this is an affordable way to get the look without breaking the bank and transition this piece with tights or colored leggings and boots for the fall! 


Want to see more DIY projects?  Leave a comment below and let me know what other affordable creative projects you'd like to see and I'll get working on them. How do you plan on transitioning your summer staples into fall? Let's share some ideas!

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