Outfit Of The Day: Cobalt & Leopard


Welcome! Looking for an effortless summer look? I've got you covered. 

Life has been busy! And on those days, I'm looking for effortless style with a splash of personality...well, only if it won't make me late to class. Texas summers are hot. Anyone who's lived remotely in a southern state knows this to be true. For this look I wanted something that was easy to put on, appropriate for graduate school, and would keep me cool. 

For this look I went with a loose classic white v-neck tee I purchased from my local thrift store. I paired the top with a pop of color in this super light weight cobalt skater skirt. I completed the look with my leopard print sneakers which are perfect for summer and upcoming fall. 

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The Sneakers

Swing Skirt!

Swing Skirt!

The Look
White V Neck (Thrifted | Target | $2)
Cobalt Swing Skirt (Forever 21 | $6)
Watch (Target | $20)
Leopard Print Sneakers (Boutique | $14)

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