Thrifty Finds! ...and upcoming giveaways!


Welcome! Be Creative, Optimistic, Present, and Explore with The COPE Collection's Thrifty Finds. 

Huge thank you to this lady and those who made it out to the Thrifty Finds event last week. I appreciate it more than you know, and look forward to seeing even more of you come out and show your support. I enjoy being philanthropic, giving back, as well as shopping! Why not combine those efforts and contribute to an organization that makes an impact?

Please find below a few pictures from the event, the full album is on our Facebook page which can be accessed from the social media pink links on the right or by simply clicking here. For our next event stay tuned for The COPE Collection's first set of giveaways!

Being eligible is simple: 
1. Like us on Facebook at The Cope Collection
2. Follow us on Instagram at the_cope_collection
3. Comment on 2 of your favorite blog posts so I know who you are and you're entered to win! 
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