Outfit Of The Night: Nigerian Wedding Attire


Welcome! I was invited to a beautiful Nigerian traditional wedding last month, and if you've never been to one you are missing out! 

In Nigerian culture we typically have two wedding ceremonies: a Nigerian traditional wedding and what we refer to as a "church" wedding. You know, with the white gown, in a church, the usual. The Nigerian traditional wedding is where the groom's family introduces themselves to the brides family, and asks for their daughter's hand in marriage to their son. It's an elaborate celebration of love and I was honored to simply attend. Most in attendance are decked out in traditional attire in a variety of colors, textures, and styles. I wore the dress pictured above and I loved this dress! Custom made with delicate lace on the top, flower detail on the shoulder, and finished with blue pleated Ankara on the bottom. Gotta love weddings!

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  2. John! My sincerest apologizes for the delayed response. Thank you very much for the support and kind words. Style is an integral portion of every culture. I believe it speaks volumes without a single word being said. More posts coming your way! Thank you

  3. I love the dress, the fabric definitely would of been in my cart for purchase.

  4. Sidne! Thank you. The fabric on this piece is vibrant yet cool all at the same time. Definitely what drew me to the dress.


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