Outfit Of The Day: Acid Washed


Welcome! When it comes to fashion, it's all about self expression no matter the current trend. 

You all know I have a classic side, but I also have a wanna be hipster-edgy side that emerges from time to time. I wanted to express a small part of that hipster side with this look pictured below. I chose to center the outfit around this pair of acid wash denim purchased from H&M. I paired the jeans with a forest green open back shirt in a relaxed tone, that complements the brown in both the belt and combat boots. For accessories I finished the look with some of my favorite bracelets from my travels abroad as well as silver knuckle rings and a chrome long chained necklace. Self expression is what I enjoy most about fashion, it allows you to be present, in the here and now, the way you see fit. Express yourself! 

The Look 
Acid Wash Jeans (H&M | $7)
Forest Green Open Back Shirt (Forever 21 | $8)
Brown Leather Belt (Abercrombie/Thrifted | $5)
Brown Combat Boots (Breckelles | $20)
Chrome Link Chain (Hobby Lobby | $3) 
Casio Watch (Target | $20)
Silver Knuckle Rings (Sammy Dress | $4) 
Arm Candy aka Bracelets (Latin America)

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