On Trend: Ankle Strap Heels


Welcome! I've been on a mission for a new pair of black ankle strap heels. That mission was recently completed when I found a fabulous pair that embodies both my personality and most importantly my price point! Ankle strap heels are a hot item on numerous celebrities right now from Rhianna to Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Lawrence. Ankle strap heels provide some sexy leg cleavage, while still remaining intact, for a  classy finish. It's a trend that has most definitely caught my eye. 

As mentioned, I've been looking at a pair from ZARA and a pair from L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani, until landing on an affordable pair I just feel in love with from Make Me Chic. Photos to come soon including an Outfit of The Day! 
XOXO, Lily

Disclaimer: All images are obtained from Google images. The COPE Collection claims no rights to the above pictures. 

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  1. Impressive, definitely great material. This blog is absolutely awesome.

  2. Jessica! Thank you for taking the time to read my content. I appreciate the support! Keep reading as you see fit and please share with friends!

  3. Jessica! Thank you so much. I actually wore them today!


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