Three Steps! Pink Ombre Lips


Welcome! Three Step Ombre Lips

 A friend saw this look on me a while back and wanted to know how to achieve it. I recreated the look below, paired with my everyday natural make up look, and here's the final look. For the products used on my face, check out my Make up: Mix It Up! blog post linked here. Want to get the look? Keep reading. Enjoy! 

Three Steps! Pink Ombre Lips

Step 1
Start with a clean moisturized lips 

Step 2 
Product Prep 

I used two lipsticks to achieve this look. A burgundy red color and a pink. Again, I enjoy experimenting with affordable lipsticks and stains and these were all purchased from my local beauty supply store. To achieve this look I used the NKViolet Red (#807) and Burgundy Tint (#927) which are a pink and red color respectively.


  • Lipsticks (Lighter and darker colors) 
  • Lip liner (Darker color) 
  • Lip gloss 

Step 3
Paint Those Lips 

Now that my supplies are ready it's time to paint! I first apply a dark red lip liner around my lips creating the shape I want. For color application I use a lip brush for even application and coverage instead of the stick itself. 
I then applied the dark red color first on my lips. Then with the lip brush applied the lighter pink color in the middle of my lips. I pressed my lips together to spread the color in the center until you begin to see a slight color gradient begin to form. 

The End!  

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