H&M Mini Haul...and Finding a Man!


Welcome! I've been looking for some leather pants for a while now. We're talking almost a year folks, and I finally found a pair! I went to H&M last week or so picked up a new pair of dark was denim skinny jeans (not pictured) and of course I browsed for some leather pants...and sadly couldn't find any. More like couldn't bring myself to pay upwards of $60 on a pair. I hopped onto their website and found a gorgeous pair, at an even better price! Retail stores often try and attract customers with phenomenal online discounts and sales in an attempt to boost sales and H&M is a perfect example of this. 

Tip for the Day: If you want an item, wait for it. Finding that perfect item you've always wanted is like finding a man. Don't settle, or you'll be forever miserable! You'll wear it out (or go out with him) and like it, but you won't love it. It'll never be what you dreamed of and now you're short a few bucks and have an item that isn't living up to it's fullest potential. Choose wisely folks! 

Looking forward to styling these items for you all soon! Enjoy! 

Imitation Leather Pants: H&M ($7)
Slim Fit Acid Wash Jeans: H&M ($10)

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