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We've all seen good makeup. And well, not so good makeup. Your natural features can be enhanced with makeup, and they can also be masked by it too. Create the looks you desire, without breaking the bank. Mix up mid or high end products with a few basics from the drug store or beauty supply store. Not a make up guru, but I do know one thing: natural beauty will always shine through! 
Pictured are a few of the products I use on a day to day basis and how I used them to create the look you see below. Lots of tips and tricks here. Enjoy! 

Love, Lily

The Look 

The Supplies

The Face: A flawless face, starts with a clean face. It's important to wash your face with some lukewarm or even cold water to open up pours. Next, moisturize with a light moisturizing cream or primer by Cetaphil, Olay, Urban Decay, or even generic brand equivalents. This will help prep the face before product application. 

Foundation: Foundation is not a must. It will however contribute to a uniform look overall and even out your skin tone. Who needs high/mid line foundations? I stopped using my Mac Studio Sculpt (NW 45) and started using the Revlon Colorstay foundation in the color Cappuccino. A wonderful and affordable product purchased for about $9 from CVS.  As always, start light with foundation and add as needed. I apply with these cosmetic wedges from my local beauty supply store for about $2/pack. A foundation brush or sponge can also be used like this one from E.L.F for $1 from Walmart.

Corrector: Dark circles under your eyes? A corrector will brighten or neutralizes skin tones and discoloration. Pictured here is a yellow creme corrector from E.L.F. Works wonders and has been compared to the coveted Ben Nye power. How much you say? $1 from Walmart.

Concealer:  Hiding that hickey from the BF? Concealer's got you covered. Literally. Select a shade 1 to 2 shades lighter than your skin tone to cover just about anything. Be sure to blend, blend, and blend. Pictured here is a concealer in the color Bronze from Mary Kay.

Blush/Contour: To highlight my cheeks I use a matte powder blush in shade Frankly Scarlet from Mac priced at around $18. I often contour, with a darker shade creme or powder product, to define my cheek bones, nose, and around my hairline. This creates shadows and depth to the face. Pictured here is a bronzer by Black Radiance in the shade Blueberry for about $8 from Walmart.  

Eyes: Pictured here are a few of the essentials I use to shape and elongate the length of my eye. I use the small brush or  "spoolie" to shape my brows. Then, with a dark and light brown color eye pencil I fill and shape my brows accordingly. You can clean up or sharpen brow lines with concealer and/or foundation.

Eye Shadow: Looking for the "No Makeup" makeup look? The Cafe Quad Palette by Cover Girl is the perfect neutral palette at just $4. The gold and copper in the this palette complements darker skin tones and for a warm finish. 

Liner: Pictured here is the Colorstay felt liquid pen by Revlon ($6) and the NYC High Definition felt pen ($2) both purchased at CVS. These pens are used to line my top and outer corner of my eyes. Great for a subtle flick or "cat eye"

Mascara: If you don't have the longest eyelashes like me, mascara is a must. I use both Great Lashes by Maybelline for about $6 from Walgreens. I also use They're Real mascara from Benefit Cosmetics. Got this sample size at Sephora for my birthday but the full size sells for about $10.

Lips: With a neutral look, the lips serve as a perfect opportunity to spice things up!

Lip Liners:  First things first: lip liner. A lip liner will help contain the lipstick or lip stain and help create a smooth transition from your skin to boom, this pop of color on your lips. Line your lips with a matching lip liner. Then moisturize your lips with Chapstick, Carmax, Vaseline what have you. 
Lipstick/ Lip stain: Lastly, apply lip stick and/or lip stain with a lipstick brush for even coverage, smooth application, and color concentration. 

Lipsticks, lip bushes, and lip lines pictured here are from my local beauty supply store. 
Pink -- Lipstick (NK Violet Red) , $1, Lip liner (Deep Pink), $2
Purple -- Lipstick (NK Amethyst), $1, Lip liner (Indigo), $2. Fun. Affordable. Kissable lips.

The Supplies 

The Supplies 

Thank you! Leave a comment below if you want to see more beauty related posts and/or tips. 

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